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Luna Children's book

I always wanted to write a children's book ever since I was 13. The thing was, I never really felt like I had a significant story to tell, since there are a plethora of children's books that tell poignant stories, why would mine be anything worthwhile? During my 11th-grade year of high school though, I started a capstone project for a Global Studies Diploma at my school. I decided to do my project on the revitalization of the Tupi Guarani language in Brazil. My grandfather Carlos Alberto was of Tupi Guarani descent, and since I never had the chance to get to know him very well, I wanted to use my capstone project as an opportunity to learn about his ancestry. During the Spring of 2023, I had a great trip to Brazil with my dad where we visited several Indigenous Aldeias and learned about how the communities were keeping the Mbya Guarani language alive. One young girl that I met at one of these aldeias was named Luna, and the main character "Luna" in the book is based on her, with her kind and bubbly spirit. The Guarani legends and Guarani words are as accurate as possible, but in order to keep her identity completely protected there are no details about the real-life Luna's life, and all details are fiction. This children's book is still in the very much making and I hope be finished by March 2023. It would be a dream of mine one day to publish it if possible, and if that were to happen, all proceeds from any purchases made on this website would be funded back to Luna's aldeia. 

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